Designer Issac Richardson Creates Tron-Like Stun Guns

 - May 4, 2012
References: yankodesign
Home security is meant to keep intruders out, but when they manage to break down the locks, designer Issac Richardson has a non-lethal defense solution for you. The Tron-like contraption uses lasers and electromagnetic waves to supercharge the air around the weapon to set off a paralyzing blast towards the intruder. Home owners are able to safely get away from the trespasser, who is temporarily rendered motionless.

This magnetic stun gun is also equipped with a flashlight and on-board camera that is connected to an external security company that automatically notifies law officials. The collapsable handle allows homeowners to conceal and tuck the weapon away safely.  While this supercharged defense weapon is still just a concept, personal safety is a growing issue for those living alone in the metropolis. Designer Issac Richardson is bringing the possibility of futuristic person protection devices to life.