The Chargeboard Features a Power Box that Can Charge Your Phone

 - Sep 27, 2014
References: homesandhues & neatorama
Heightening the skateboarding experience with more technological appeal, the Chargeboard features a clever powerbox that can power up your smartphone devices.

Not having a power source with you while out and about can be quite the hassle, but the Chargeboard is here to make cruising around town much more mobile-friendly. Specially designed to collect kinetic energy as the board travels along, the Chargeboard is able to collect enough energy after an hour of skating to power any mobile device. Also featuring a dock, USB port and speakers for use, this unique skateboard design will have everything you need for on-the-go media entertainment.

While not in production just yet, the Charge board will definitely have boarders waiting in line to try out this unique skating device.