'Stein mit Vollausstattung' Charges Laptops and Gives Free WiFi

Stein mit Vollausstattung is a public installation that is set to be introduced to the German city of Dortmund in the next two weeks. It is a rocky island of sorts. But instead of being stranded without any form of communication, it provides charging stations for laptops as well as free access to WiFi.

Very tech-friendly, Stein mit Vollausstattung was created by four European artists: Ådlandsvik, Lutz-Rainer Müller, Mark Pepper and Thomas Woll. They were inspired by the rich history of the city, which was devastated by World War II and rebuilt extensively in severe post-war style. Fast Co Exist writes, "First, they wanted to go back to the earliest roots of sculpture--something carved from stone--and make it interactive." Thus, the Stein mit Vollausstattung was born.