- Feb 6, 2015
These voice-activated tech examples range from sound-controlled smart watches to voice-commanded light fixtures that make traditional switches a thing of the past. As modern technology becomes more intuitive, manufacturers are developing smarter devices that are activated by touch, specific gestures and even the sound of one's voice.

In addition to countless mobile apps and smartphone security systems, other sound-activated devices on this list include bark-controlled laundry concepts and kid-friendly wearables that introduce young generations to the latest technologies.

While JTM Service's ‘Woof to Wash' system allows service dogs to activate a washing machine with a simple bark, the Tinitell phone watch for kids connects parents with their little ones and introduces children to a new range of wearable tech.

Other memorable examples from this list of voice-activated tech include in-car services and customizable lighting and heating systems that enhance comfort and control for home owners.

From Sound-Controlled Smart Watches to Voice-Commanded Lights: