This LG Air Conditioner Can Hear You from 16 Feet Away

 - Jan 6, 2013
References: newlaunches
The conveniences of home temperature control get even more extensive with the introduction of this LG air conditioner that takes voice commands from up to 16 feet away.

Once upon a time when it was too hot in your house you just opened a window. Then came fans and then finally air conditioners. Now there isn't even a need to get up in the middle of a hot summer night and turn up the AC, because the Whisen Air Conditioner from LG is just waiting for your command.

For those who don't want to talk to their LG air conditioner, they can sync it with their smartphone and control it via the LG Whisen App 3.0. Another amazing feature to the air conditioner is that it features a camera, which means via the app you can actually see what's happening in your house when you're gone.