- Aug 31, 2013
On Thursday, August 29, 2013, the NFL concussion lawsuit was settled for $765 million, according to USA Today. The funds will go towards medical costs and concussion research. The plaintiffs include more than 10 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

These related helmet designs display a wide range of protective head gear intended for sports and bicycles. It also involves helmet-inspired objects for gaming, fashion, pets and other purposes. This includes hair replacement, depression alleviation, emotion and vitals displays. Designs range from high tech, sleek and futuristic to disco ball-esque, inflatable and light-emitting. Some of these elements make the brain armor more functional, such as LED lighting to improve visibility, while others are purely aesthetic.

While very few of these finds would likely be of help to those involved with the NFL concussion lawsuit, it's always important to put safety first.

This List is in Honor of the NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement: