The Touchy Camera Encourages Social Interaction

 - May 3, 2012
References: touchtouchy & visualnews
The new Touchy Camera is a social interaction experiment brought to life by Eric Siu, Tomohiko Hayakawa and Carson Reynolds. The user places the photographic helmet over their head, effectively transforming themselves into a human camera.

The photographer is predominantly shrouded in darkness, unaware of their immediate surroundings until they are touched by an individual. Whenever the user interacts with another person through touch, the camera opens its shudders and takes a picture.

According to the Touchy website, the project is aimed "at healing social anxiety by creating joyful interactions." Touchy criticizes the increased dehumanization of human contact as texting and email become the dominant way of communication. By transforming the individual into a human/camera hybrid, Touchy turns the user into a social device, encouraging face-to-face contact rather than communication through an electronic medium.