These Ergonomic Designs Make Gaming, Texting and Working Comfortable

 - Aug 26, 2014
Most people are guilty of having some sort of mobile device on them at all times, and spend a lot of time in front of a computer and a keyboard either for work or pleasure, which is makes ergonomic design now more important than ever.

Some of the most popular phone, tablet and computer models on the market are not necessarily designed with ergonomics in mind, and although it's advised that people take regular breaks to reduce strain on eyes, fingers and hunched backs, this advice is not always heeded. Fortunately, some of the newest smartphones on the market are boasting impressively curved bodies and screens, which fit much more naturally into the palm of the user's hand, making it comfortable to talk, text and browse the Internet. Other tech devices are following suit too, since the use of technology has become such an integral part of daily life.