The Bionic Silkworm Smoothly Integrates Phone and Tablet Technologies

 - Apr 26, 2013
References: yankodesign
If you'd prefer not to develop a collection of electronics that perform many overlapping functions, you might be interested in something like this Bionic Silkworm concept. Designed by Huang Lu, Xiao W and Chen Haiyan, the handset is the result of a fusion of the smartphone and the tablet.

At 13 centimeters in length, the gadget offers a generous touchscreen surface. It's slender enough to still fit comfortably in your hand, and its gentle curves make it wonderfully ergonomic to hold and to pocket. There are no flat surfaces over the Bionic Silkworm mobile device, so its black and glossy finish reflects light in intriguing forms.

The tablet cellphone has been designed so that it can be used conveniently with one hand, allowing you to interact with a range of impressive features with ease.