The Compact Handy Va Combines Convenient Automatic and Manual Modes

 - Dec 6, 2013
Human beings are wired with an urge to take control of their environments, and this consideration is what drove the unique design of the Handy Va. The product is a robotic floor cleaner that can carry out an extensive chore without any thought or action on part of the homeowner; however, another major feature was incorporated to satisfy the unique preferences of the user.

Despite the small size of the hoover, Lee Hyeon Cheol suggests that a removable hand vac can be integrated. About the size of a cordless telephone, this component provides an ergonomic grip and enables you to easily suck up crumbs on the couch, dirt in the closet and dust from elsewhere. A 2013 Red Dot Design Award winner, the Handy Va affords the best of both worlds to streamline and tailor your tidying tasks.