The Nokia HumanForm Provides an Ergonomic Connection

 - Nov 18, 2011
References: yankodesign & geeky-gadgets
News of bendable photo technology has been hitting the World Wide Web lately, the Nokia HumanForm being one of the more recent designs that are garnering some pretty exciting attention. By exploring the possibilities of nanotechnology, the Nokia HumanForm takes the smartphone into new fabled territories, beyond the walls of touch screens and voice communication.

Designed by Tapani Jokinen and Jarkko Saunamaki for Nokia Design and Nokia Research Center, the Nokia HumanForm relies on the user’s intuition. The form itself manipulates easily in order to an ergonomic connection, lending a more comfortable interaction between phone and user.

Although just a visionary concept at the moment, the Nokia HumanForm in addition to other flexible smartphone designs, can once again revolutionize the phone industry as the iPhone did.