The Motorola Koleopt Mobile Never Leaves Your Side

 - Sep 2, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
As liberating as cordless phones have become, they are an incredible hassle the moment you've misplaced them. The Motorola Koleopt mobile phone promises a reliability that few competitors could match, rooted in the annular attachment incorporated into its design.

Petit Romain feels that pockets are no longer the appropriate pouches for smartphones, and so this concept was conceived to better suit the gadget's "handset" nature. A lightweight wire cuff clasps the curved cellphone to the wrist of the user's non-dominant hand, allowing him to effectively operate the retractable alphanumeric keypad for easy texting. The bowed form makes the Motorola Koleopt mobile phone ergonomic and enables it to sit comfortably just as a timepiece would. It looks as though the device must be removed once a call comes through, but then it would be more effective to handle than most with the additional grip.