The Gamevice Controller is Perfect for Gamers On-the-Go

 - Jun 23, 2014
References: gamevice & uncrate
With more iconic games being converted into mobile apps in order to cater to their on-the-go users, mobile devices should be fitted with control pads like this Gamevice Controller. The mobile device is and add-on for iPad Minis that is essentially a case that acts as console controller.

The Gamevice Controller gives you the same joysticks, directional pads, triggers and buttons that can usually be found on your PlayStation, Xbox and other gaming consoles. It truly provides gaming enthusiasts with an ergonomic gaming experience, be it in the back of a car or waiting in a dentist's office.

It fits in your hands comfortably and while one may argue that they already have a portable gaming system, this particular system doesn't come with gamepads that need to be inserted. The Gamevice comes with a wide-selection of built-in games.