The GrILLr Easily Removes Even the Toughest Deposits From Your Grill

 - Mar 31, 2014
References: theskrapr & homehardware
The GrILLr is an innovative, easy to use grill cleaning tool that cleans your grill grates in no time. It is manufactured by Skrapr, the company that manufactures the Skrapr and Spreadr kitchen tools.

The GrILLr is incredibly easy to use. Users simply have to cool down their grill, remove the grates and place the grates over newspaper, before running the GrILLr's blade down the grate with a little water. The blade is made out of 430C cutlery-grade stainless steel, and is designed to be able to clean grates of different sizes and shapes.

The GrILLr has a handy chisel point blade to chip away and get rid of the hardest of deposits. Its ergonomic handle allows users to clean their grills without too much physical strain.