These Ergonomic Earbuds are 3D Printed to Perfectly Fit Your Ear

 - Jul 18, 2013
References: & designboom
These ergonomic earbuds by Julian Goulding use laser scanning and 3D printing technology to create a perfect fit that is sculpted just for your ear. Although there are several ergonomically designed earbuds on the market, their shapes still seem to be quite spherical. These earbuds take a completely new shape that is much more organic than the pairs of music-listening accessories that we're used to.

For $5, you can order your own kit to make a mould of your own ears, or have a custom mould made by an audiologist. Once these moulds are sent to Accord, there are a number of materials and finishes to have your pair of earbuds made in. Since each pair of earbuds is completely customized for every customer, the earbuds are made on demand and reduce the need for mass-production.Photo Credits: designboom,