From Gilded iPhone Cases to Social Commentary Phone Covers

 - Sep 10, 2014
As Apple continues to churn out more iPhones such as the newly launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+, it's unsurprising that makers if iPhone cases continue to put out new releases themselves to keep up with all the new smartphone designs.

iPhone cases have a wide variety of uses. At first, these and other phone cases were used with the sole intention of protecting phones from bumps, scratches and other kinds of damage. However, they have since evolved into something far more.

For one, iPhone cases have taken on a level of functionality that makes them tech gadgets in their own right. There are cases capable of charging iPhones or supplementing their features.

And of course, the iPhone case is also a fashion item. Whether you're a geek, jock, socially conscious activist-type or an irreverent wannabe comedian, there's an iPhone case out there that will help you project your unique persona.