This Retro iPhone Case Resembles a Cell Phone from the 1990s

 - Nov 21, 2013
References: urbanoutfitters
Carry around a blast from the past with this retro iPhone case.

If you were a young adult when the first mobile phones were released, this protective smartphone cover will instantly remind you of the days before iPhones and Androids came into existence. The case will bring you back to a time when touch screen on a phone wasn't made yet, there was no such thing as a camera embedded into a phone and there were only 12 buttons to send a text -- these old-fashioned features will shock the kids of the digital age.

When you take your phone out to text, chances are your friends will wonder what you're doing with an old phone. However when they notice your iPhone 5 on the flip side they won't be able to help their nostalgic pull towards getting a retro iPhone case.