The Backpacker iPhone Case Protects, Amplifies and Organizes

 - Nov 14, 2013
So many smartphone cases are created for the sole purpose of buffering or decorating your beloved device, but the Doon Backpacker iPhone Case promises so much more. You can count at least five greatly beneficial functions of this particular Red Dot winning product that you won't ever have seen bundled together.

The soft silica gel material of the mobile phone protector provides padding and a punch of cheerful color; it's also flexible enough to be popped out and folded down, adapting its shape. This is useful because the suction-cup-looking feature on the back can flare out to act as a phone stand or a unique audio amplifier. Like this, the Backpacker iPhone Case invites you to wrap your earbud cords around it, and these can then be securely encased once the opening is rolled back.