The USB Bumper Case Compactly Contains a Generous Storage Device

 - Dec 11, 2013
A good sturdy smartphone protector must be sufficiently thick to absorb the shock of an accidental drop, and this actually affords an opportunity like that which has been taken in the USB Bumper Case. Designers Park Jihye, Kim Hahae and Professor Lee Danbee came up with the idea to work a thumbdrive into the body of the handset buffer. Thanks to advancements in shrinking technology, this hybrid device would be a successful one.

The tip of the flash drive would tuck almost seamlessly into the side of the iPhone case, kept in place by a magnet. The silicone material would feature an embossed set of numbers where the tab flips out, indicating the memory capacity. The USB Bumper Case accommodates a great amount of data, and in connecting it to your computer, it can even charge your mobile phone.