Uppercup Keeps Your Mobile and Caffeine Safe

 - Jan 26, 2013
References: indiegogo & bitrebels
The UpperCup is the ultimate multitasking device for the growing population of individuals addicted to texting.

It is so inconvenient for the modern fast-paced human to be able to text whilst doing other things. Take drinking coffee for instance—where is one to put their cup if they only have two hands? The UpperCup looks to alleviate this problem with its multitasking-friendly capabilities.

The UpperCup is an iPhone case that doubles as a coffee cup holder. This will allow the user to have their coffee safely nestled in a holder, which gives them the free hands they need to text away. No more fumbling and one-handing during important conversations.

This multitasking device is actually pretty technical in that it opens from a flat form to accommodate one’s cup through a slide of a button.