LiveMap Releases Idea on New Navigation System Prototype

 - Jun 18, 2013
References: gizmodo
The future is here. Ideas that are common to sci-fi movies are starting to surface as technology rises to new heights. The LiveMap motorcycle helmet uses a helmet-mounted display (similar technology in fighter pilot helmets) to eliminate the need for handheld GPS devices.

The helmet can also be controlled by voice commands. Full-color images are projected into the helmet’s visor, in which the driver can use G-sensor, gyroscope and a digital compass to track head movement. Your GPS isn’t looking too up-to-date now, is it?

Powered by Navteq, battery life is expected to last one full day or longer. The Russian government has backed LiveMap with $1 million for the development of a working helmet prototype. Retail price is a suggested $1,500.