The DORA Bicycle Helmet Enhances Riding Visibility

 - May 15, 2013
References: bitrebels
The DORA Bicycle Helmet, though still in concept form only, is perhaps one of the greatest new additions to road safety for bikers that we've seen in years. One of the downsides to riding in cities can be car visibility. The DORA Bicycle Helmet's genius ability to show cars which way you're turning or if you're stopping, takes the guessing out of riding alongside bikers, making it a treat for bikers and drivers alike.

This safety-focused model's fantastic design is also shockingly sleek, considering its impressive technology. The Bluetooth-enabled helmet connects to Bluetooth grips on the handlebars that send messages to the helmet and alert the turn signals on both sides.

Let's hope the DORA helmet, designed by Balázs Filczer, moves out of the concept stage and into reality.