Signal Helmet Break Light Increases Bikers' Street Visibility

 - Aug 12, 2012
References: quirky
On roads jammed with much bigger vehicles, motorcycles can occasionally go unnoticed until they're too close for comfort. The Signal Helmet Break Light has been designed to keep everyone a great deal safer on the streets by making cars more conscious of two-wheeler activities.

The clever Quirky-made scooter accessory is completely wireless and able to connect to motorbikes' integrated illumination systems through RFID signals. Thus, anytime that your rear red lights flash, so will the gadget on your headgear.

Flexible Lumigram -- a fiber-optic fabric -- makes up the hi-tech safety apparatus and enables it to conform to the size of open-faced and full cranial protective equipment. There's nothing complex about the installation of the glowing Signal Helmet Break Light. It requires no adhesives to stay firmly in place, allowing you to remove it easily to discourage theft.