- Jul 8, 2014
These tennis-themed fashion finds celebrate the winners of Wimbledon 2014. After a joyous victory for Novak Djokovic and a commendable second place standing for Canadian newcomer Eugenie Bouchard, another year of the iconic tennis tournament is over.

Luxe sports equipment, racquet-accented editorials and court-side ad campaigns are just some of the tennis-themed fashion examples that are taking our world by storm.

In celebration of Wimbledon 2014, these examples pay homage to the sport of tennis and look to athletes for style inspiration. Great examples include Polo Ralph Lauren's Summer 2014 campaign that examines the sport's rich history with its aristocratic theme.

Moreover, French fashion house Chanel creates sports equipment for the brand-conscious with racquet designs that will ensure one looks chic when on the court.

From Luxe Designer Racquets to Wimbledon 2014 Worthy Editorials: