The Information Overload Filter Blocks Sounds and Images You Wish to Ignore

 - Dec 2, 2011
Just imagine the hi-tech futuristic scenario of perhaps 2057 when people are even more overwhelmed by technology and media than they are today. In such a chaotic age, the Information Overload Filter acts as the equivalent of the spam email folder or the "No Flyers" mailbox label of the present day, but works on the grander scale of reflecting the sensory stuff on which you'd rather not waste your thoughts.

Nelly Trakidou has come up with this helmet that's impervious to intelligence to which the wearer has not subscribed. Whether it's pictures, noises or even something as simple as the glare of sunlight, the Information Overload Filter can keep you focused on the ideas that you deem have value and cast off encompassing clutter.