From Bejeweled Pepper Spray Cases to Safety-Conscious Backpacks

 - Dec 4, 2013
Stylish safety gear seems like it may be a thing of legend, since safety often takes precedence over fashion and can easily strip it of any attractive qualities.

If you are required to wear safety equipment for a specific task, it’s fair to expect that its design will be more functional than fashionable and it will keep you safe. However, it’s easy for kids and teens to "forget" their helmets or any reflective gear before they go out on a bike ride, because silly-looking gear and being cautious are things that can get kids picked on.

But as rare as it is to find garments or accessories that do both, it is possible to find gear that doesn’t have to compromise an ounce of style or safety. There are some great examples of companies who have made it their mission to ensure that people are first and foremost safe, but don’t stick out like a sore thumb while doing so.