The Handbag Security Safe is Stylish and Keeps Pickpockets at Bay

 - Oct 31, 2011
References: curiosite & gizmodo
Pickpockets have a habit of targeting easy victims, so why hand your future assailant an easy opportunity with a wide-open purse and opt for a more secure, deterring option instead -- something like the Handbag Security Safe!

Constructed from a blend of strong, resistant copolymer plastics, the Handbag Security Safe stops the most common tactic used by thieves: ripping a seam in your clutch. On yet another practical note, the handbag is dirt- and water-proof, meaning that you'll never have to leave it with an untrustworthy attendant or stranger for fear of dirtying it. A PVC-coated steel handle is the last line of defence between your belongings and a pickpocket's devious fingers; it only unlocks after the correct 3-figure combination has been entered. Moreover, the handle can be used to loop the Handbag Security Safe to almost anything! You may not be the belle of the ball carrying this purse with you, but you'll certainly be the only one with their possessions in perfect safety.