The Reflective Belt by Sylvia Heisel is a Fashionable Light-up Piece

 - Aug 21, 2013
References: sylviaheisel
This reflective belt is a sure way to attract attention. The bright fashion piece was designed by Sylvia Heisel and is known as the double-wrap belt.

This glowing accessory has many useful purposes. For safety reason, if you're an avid bike rider, wearing this belt at night will ensure people will see you in pitch black. To add a fun element to a night out, get your group of friends to all wear one and you'll never lose each other -- of course you'll probably also get some unwanted attention if you're all sporting the same style.

Instead of just wrapping around your waistline once, it wraps around twice, giving it an extra different element than regular belts. Don't worry about attracting attention in broad daylight though, as the reflective feature only works in darkness.