From Flashing LED Fur Coats to Personalized Holiday Jumpers

 - Jul 16, 2015
These examples of LED apparel are flashy and funky. With illuminating attributes and fashionable aesthetics, these pieces were made for safety and style.

Flashing fur apparel create the perfect festival looks from flashing LED fur coats to luminescent leg warmers. Light-emitting party dresses make wearers the center of attention at any social gathering while DIY LED sneakers offer a more subtle light-up style. In addition to offering an eccentric and lively style, these examples of LED apparel also offer safety attributes. Suave cyclist safety jackets offer LED-infused shoulder pads perfect for nighttime cyclists, contrary to the Halo Belt which helps wearers find their way in a dimly lit crowd.

LED apparel also includes glowing shoe laces for illuminating walks in the park.