The Night Communication Gloves Glow to Let Wearers Know Where They Are

 - Dec 10, 2012
References: yankodesign
Wang Lili's concept design of the Night Communication gloves makes signalling in the dark a lot easier for hikers and party-goers.

The LED silicone glove is solar-powered and easily turned on and off via an embedded switch on the back of the hand. The non-slip silicone lets wearers grip onto hiking staffs and flashlights without worrying about slipping. Though flashlights do come in handy, it's difficult to trek at night while your hands are perpetually occupied. The Night Communication gloves allows users to keep their hands free while maintaining an accurate position of their partner's whereabouts. Keeping in mind the intensity of the exercise or warm atmosphere for users, these accessories also have embedded ventilation pockets to let than hands breath so they don't get sweaty and sticky within.