- Dec 2, 2014
In addition to helping to keep you all bundled up during the colder weather, these winter mittens and gloves provide a variety of other practical uses as well. Sometimes it can seem like wearing a pair of gloves or mittens hampers your ability to do normal tasks, but these examples show how hand accessories can be used as turn signal indicators for cyclists riding in the dark, keep track of your location and of course, enable you to text without your fingers getting cold.

As far as some of the weirdest mittens and gloves go, there are knit mittens for couples that have been conjoined, as well as mittens that take the form of claws, animal forms or the hands of a little LEGO person. For those who spend a lot of time on the computer indoors, there are also some USB-powered gloves that warm up when your own circulation isn't enough.

These Winter Mittens and Gloves Will Keep You Cozy During Chilly Months: