Imaginary Marching Band Creates Traditional Sounds With Untraditional Means

The Imaginary Marching Band, a Kickstarter project by Scott Peterman, is a creative endeavor that is only a few shillings shy of actually seeing the light of day. Peterman has come up with the concept for gloves that creates music like a traditional instrument. In the video for his project of the Kickstarter page, Peterman has five versions of himself playing five pairs of gloves that were programmed to sound like different instruments.

The Imaginary Marching Band is a highly conceptual project with a viable tech component that could make it a real-world success. This project should be of interest both in its own right and for its potential applicability to gaming experiences. If you would like to help this project come to fruition, donate what you can by visiting Peterman's Kickstarter page.