- Dec 19, 2014
Radio is changing, of that there is no doubt, but it hasn't gone fully obsolete just yet. With the advent of televisions, the Internet, smartphones, social media, portable audio players and digital music, the radio has declined in prominence but there's something romantic about the radio which makes many people want to hold onto it.

Over the years and decades, the humble radio has had to evolve to stay relevant and in order to maintain its appeal, if only with certain segments of the population.

Back in the day, the radio was a necessity because it was people's only live connection to the outside world in the pre-television days. However, this is no longer the case, and as a result radio is changing to appeal to demographics interested in retro products or simply looking for ways to be different.

These days it's hugely common for radios to be incorporated into other forms of technology ranging from smartphones to clocks. Few people if any are willing to invest in a self-contained solid radio that only does radio. Manufacturers recognize this, and have begun creating radios that double as pieces of art or clocks that include a radio function.

The only self-contained radios that have any kind of appeal nowadays are those that have an extremely eye-catching design, making them valuable to the hipster, the scene kid and anyone looking to stand out and be different.

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