Giving Warriors Focuses on Social Enterprise and Non-Profit Leaders

"What does it take to change the world" is a question that Giving Warriors founder, Dominique Silverman, seems to ask both herself, as a radio show host, and her guests. What keeps social entrepreneurship and innovative non-profit work going certainly isn't typically the (low) pay: it's the community and the feel-good of knowing you're making a difference. Or at least the act of trying to make a difference, even if it fails.

By galvanizing podcast technology, Giving Warriors connects interested individuals in their socially innovative pursuits, challenges and even anecdotes. (They have a pretty pithy and inspiring Instagram account as well, which is linked below.) Inspired itself by Madonna, Oprah, Deepak Chopra, Seth Godin and more, the latest conversations have included some of the social businesses we have featured here on including KIND and Vitamin Angels.

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