- Jul 16, 2014
One of our readers' favorite parts of SocialBusiness.org is definitely all of the social enterprise tips that arise from our interviews. More than mere tips, however, they're stories. They're normal people who were born -- or became -- entrepreneurs. They work hard. They fail. They have high hopes for their social innovations because what else could you do? Well, working usually trumps hoping and lots of the entrepreneurs we interview count coffee as one of their best friends. The entrepreneur lifestyle is no joke.

Social enterprise tips and creative rituals include: dancing like nobody's watching (Promise or Pay's Jay Boolkin); staying drenched in color (PopNod's Stephanie David); taking action (Omer Khan's Social Startups); and, last but not least, being outside whether it's walking, running and swimming (Pop Up Repair's Sandra Goldmark).

Interviews with Entrepreneurs Changing the World: