‘Moss FM’—The First Naturally Plant-Powered Radio

 - Mar 18, 2014
References: news.discovery & ideaconnection
Introducing the peculiar plant-powered radio, created as an experiment by Fabienne Felder and Dr. Paolo Bombelli of the University of Cambridge. This emerging biophilic technology harnesses protons and electrons of photosynthetic plants, creating an electrical current.

Ten connected pots work together as the "fuel cell," which is enough power to enable radio play. This FM radio is powered up by biological solar panels that incorporate the plant, thus creating the first functional moss-powered object. Currently, the moss pots are able to produce a potential of upwards of 4.5 volts, and although moss was chosen due to its value, Bombelli stated that this device will explore other plants and algae.

It’s a beautiful thing when technology involves nature; perhaps we will all one day master gardening to keep the future of technology pumping.