- Nov 21, 2013
Wearing mittens can make handling your mobile devices and gadgets quite difficult, but these tech-friendly gloves have all been designed with tech-savvy features, making them the ideal winter accessory.

With smartphones and mobile devices increasingly advancing toward more touchscreen technology, being able to use your hands to navigate and control features is key. And these tech-friendly gloves are offering some inventive ways to use your technological devices while simultaneously wearing something cozy for your hands. A great way to utilize your tech devices without having to take off your mittens, these tech-friendly gloves are allowing individuals the chance to integrate high-tech features into their winter accessories.

From sophisticated finger-tracking gloves to subtle tech mitts and conductive fingertip clips, these high-tech gloves will definitely make fiddling around with your devices in the wintertime a whole lot easier.

From Wearable Air Texting Gloves to Bluetooth Telephone Mittens: