T(ether) Allows People to Collaborate in a Virtual Space

 - Jun 15, 2012
References: kiwi.media.mit.edu & mashable
As the virtual and real worlds become further connected, pieces like T(ether) are making the transition increasingly plausible. T(ether) is an augmented reality glove that allows wearers to create virtual dimensions on their devices using basic hand gestures.

The technology allows users to manipulate, create and shape virtual environments by dragging, dropping and pinching 3D objects. T(ether) can also be used by multiple people, allowing companies to collaborate in a singular space at once. Motion cameras track the position of the user's hands in relation to the space, translating this reality onto the virtual model. T(ether) also provides a more aesthetic purpose to iPad users by eliminating the possibility of unsightly fingerprints.

With companies becoming increasingly team-oriented, inventions like T(ether) bring the possibility of effortless collaboration to reality.