Fibre Optic Flashlight Gloves from Tilen Sepic

 - Aug 26, 2008
You’ll always have a flashlight on hand, so to speak, with this fibre optic glove from Tilen Sepic of Slovenia. White LED lights positioned along the index finger of the glove are attached to optical cables which travel along the hand to the battery pack which is strapped to the wrist.

Quick controls are situated on the thumb part of the glove. The fibre optic glove has the ability to produce both diffused and spot lighting. The designer wanted to develop a flashlight of sorts that would produce a shadow-less work light.

Sepic says, "We can get best non-shadow working area while wearing gloves on both hands."

As long as they are durable enough, I could see this being extremely useful for tasks that need to be done in the dark. In a power failure, a fibre optic glove would be fantastically ‘handy’.