- Feb 11, 2013
Flashlights are an essential item to have when it comes to blackouts, natural disasters or just finding something in the dark, so why not get a little creative with these handy tools and try out these funky flashlight designs? They're not only practical but they're also eye-catching to boot!

While traditional flashlights come in a cylinder-like shape, nowadays with the ongoing evolution of technology, sources of illumination can be seen incorporated in everything from slippers to GPS devices. The importance and need for flashlights hasn't changed over the years, rather it's the way this need is being provided to consumers that has evolved. From flashlights that serve multiple purposes to those that are compact and eco-friendly, these creative flashlight designs are sure to appeal to modern consumers looking to have something sleek for their home, or for a device that serves more than one function.

From GPS-Embedded Flashlights to Building Block Flashlights: