Solar Mirror Inspection Light for Hard to Reach Places

 - Dec 28, 2009
References: espritmystique.etsy & solargoose
Do you have a tangled mess of cables connected to your computer or home theater system? I do. And, it is a royal PITA each time I need to hook up anything to my computer or stereo system. I found a unique tool, quite by accident, that has made this job much easier. It’s a unique Solar Mirror Inspection Light.

I participate in 6 trade show a year in Tucson, Arizona, selling jewelry I create from recycled pure brass bullet shells. I am a strong advocate of recycling and eco-friendly products. Last month, while attending to my booth, I noticed that the vendor across from me was crowded with enthusiastic customers. I walked over to see what was attractive to so many visitors. The booth was called "Solar LED" and it had some really unique solar lights and solar cell phone charger accessories.

I am a strong believer in solar water heaters and solar power, but I was very skeptical about these lights. In my mind, I was comparing them to the solar walkway lights I have seen that are very dim and do a poor job lighting up dark walkways.

Ironically, I was in for a pleasant surprise. This unique Solar LED Flashlight was very powerful. I turned on one of the flashlights and aimed it at the ceiling of the Exhibition Hall about 50 feet above my head. Even in the bright lights of the Exhibition Hall, I could clearly see the wide path of light coming from this unique Solar LED Flashlight on the ceiling, that far away!

He carried a nice variety of Solar Lights - I spotted a Solar Mirror Inspection Light that would help me see the connectors in the back of my computer and stereo. This unique Solar Mirror Inspection Light had the same powerful base as the Solar LED Flashlight, but in place of the Solar LED Flashlight head, it had a flexible tube connected to a mirror with an LED light at the tip.

The Solar Mirror Inspection Light was very reasonably priced. What I liked best, is that I would never have to buy batteries for it! Kew-el.

Now I can hold the flexible Solar Inspection Mirror Light up to the back of my computer and easily see the location of connectors without have to bend like a pretzel, or unplug the whole unit to pull it out of the Media Cabinet.

This unique Solar Mirror Inspection Light has even been featured on USA Today by auto mechanics who use it for inspecting hard to reach places under the car.

I wanted to give these lights as gifts to my family and friends so I contacted the inventor, Tom Chorman, and told him how impressed I was. He was so pleased that I was spreading the word about his new Solar LED Lights that he gave me a special code for 10% discount on his website.

I am willing to share this special code with you for 2 reasons: A.) To save you some money, and B.)to help cut down on the number of dead batteries polluting our landfills.  When you enter this code on his Shopping Cart page, it won’t expire and you can buy anything, even at a later date, using the 10% discount code.)

Use this code: 856VV10 for a 10% discount. I sure hope you appreciate the unique Solar Mirror Inspection Light, like I do.

Solar Mirror Inspection Light link:
$34.95 - 10%, if you use the code.

In addition to the unique Solar Mirror Inspection Light, you will find solar cell phone chargers, Solar Flex Tube Lights, clip on Solar Book Lights, and of course, the line of Solar LED Flashlights. One flashlight even has a compass on the end, very good for boating or camping.

I carry a Solar LED Flashlight in my car and leave it sitting on the dashboard. It automatically charges when the sun is shining through the windshield. This is so-o-o-o much better than my old battery powered flashlight. Whenever I needed it, the batteries were always dead. I won’t be buying batteries, ever again!  Kew-el.

I hope you will use this unique Solar Mirror Inspection Light to hook up all the new games and gadgets you got for Christmas, but more importantly, to cut down on the number of dead batteries polluting our landfills.

Virginia Vivier, Esprit Mystique

Tucson, Arizona