- Nov 21, 2013
If you're looking to add some sustainable touches to your accessory collection, then these eco-friendly jewelry gifts will definitely offer some creative methods to style an outfit.

While some people may associate eco-friendly clothing and accessories as dull and visually unappealing, these sustainable jewelry gifts are here to showcase that utilizing upcycling methods and recycled materials doesn't have to mean eliminating style. From rings beautifully made from birch wood to bangles created from recycled pieces of material, these eco-friendly jewelry gifts will definitely add a unique sustainable touch to any ensemble. A great way for fashionistas to become more in touch with their environmental settings, these eco jewelry designs will definitely have anyone who wears them feeling more environmentally conscious about the accessories they're using.

From water bottle bangles to repurposed twig rings, these eco-friendly jewelry gifts will certainly satisfy any environmental enthusiast looking to add some chic yet sustainable touches to their wardrobe.

From Roped Bamboo Necklaces to Birch Bark Jewelry: