LerenieS Creates Contemporary Pieces Using Paper to Acknowledge Waste

 - Apr 10, 2013
References: lerenies & recyclart.org
We live in a world shrouded in waste and that's something that the LerenieS line of jewelry looks to combat against with simplistically designed pieces that are made from recycled paper.

Each of the finely crafted pieces of jewelry from the LerenieS line is made in Italy and has a direct correlation to society as a whole; the designs are crafted after traditional styles that evoke a sense of continuity amidst strong change and the reuse of paper is an acknowledgement of future generations to help respect the planet that we will pass on to them.

The LerenieS line of jewelry is such a spectacle to admire because it's all treated with such care and precision regardless of being made from paper. What's more, it takes a stand against more wasteful jewelry and challenges that recycled paper can be beautiful too if appreciated.