- May 19, 2015
Convenient, space-saving and budget-friendly are all words that describe these modular kid furniture examples. They range from collapsible dollhouse chairs to stackable storage stools that are designed for use in compact spaces. As children grow, they are likely to outgrow their furniture, making these examples even more practical and budget-friendly for parents.

In addition to foldable and collapsible products, these examples of modular kid furniture also include stackable storage units and seating options that let kids and parents get creative. Other favorites grow with one's child and transform to work with their age and size. What starts off as a toddler-friendly play area is easily transformed into a desk that works for a child attending the first grade.

Moreover, these examples are not only modular but also feature sustainable materials like cardboard, paper and reclaimed wood.

From Collapsible Dollhouse Chairs to Stackable Stools: