Stacks Stool Embodies Delightful Geometry, Enhancing Look and Practicality

 - Dec 14, 2013
The Stacks Stool is a delightful reminder that there isn't just one way to construct a small seating object. Where many manufacturers attach three or four legs to the bottom of a flat surface, Dave Pickett has done things differently.

The support structure for the charming little chairs is a pair of V-shaped wooden components with lovely rounded corners, crooks and ends. These have been cut from lovely pale timber as elements that are easy on the eyes.

Between these tiny trusses sits a folded metal surface. Its sittable area is flat and rectangular but it has triangular wings that bend up and around the pointed lumber posts. Proposed in several bright colors, the Stacks Stool is an endearing stackable seat for kids and a functional footstool for grown-ups.