- Aug 19, 2014
Space-saving furnishings often rely on stackable design concepts and these sophisticated examples are known to fuse practicality with style.

These stackable design examples range from space-saving furniture pieces to stacked structures that are either artful or mathematically complex in their design concept.

Standouts from this vast list include the Grommet Joint Stool and the retro Tetris lamp. While Cristoph Schindler and Margarita Salmeron Espinosa's furniture piece looks to the Japanese art of Origami for its inspiration, the Tetris light is an ode to nostalgia and retro arcade game imagery.

The Grommet Joint Stool concept is sophisticated and compact in its design while the fun Tetris light is more decorative in comparison. Both are memorable examples and manage to marry aesthetics with function.

From Building Block Storage to Side-Stacked Chair Concepts: