Sandra Mulder's Pandora is Indestructible and Industrial

The shipping container culture is still thriving, and that is why everyone is sure to go gaga over the Pandora cabinet. An industrial and indestructible set of furniture, the Pandora cabinet is reliant, stylish and still quite singular.

Created by Netherlands-based industrial designer Sandra Mulder, the Pandora cabinet has a boxy shape that gives it a really bold presence, be it in a study, office or even a garage. The beautiful thing about the Pandora cabinet is that it is not only inspired by the look of a shipping container, but also by its function. Modular and colorful, it provides a sense of movement in the home. Conveniently stackable, the Pandora cabinet can also be rotated in a number of different combinations.

Although the Pandora cabinet has a masculine air, I can see it in a fashionista's home as well.