Trable by Kawamura Ganjavian Provides Vertical Versatility

 - Jul 13, 2012
References: studio-kg & blog.leibal
Furnishings like Trable by Kawamura Ganjavian are enough to get many design-minded individuals excited. Its appeal is not only in its unique appearance but can also be found in an open adaptability.

It's difficult to say whether or most of these Studio KG coffee tables are churned out alike. While each noticeably features its own brightly painted belly, a total of six askew legs might just be installed a little haphazardly. The effect, however, is incredibly charming, inviting one's eyes to cross as he considers the asymmetrical supports.

But where the Trable by Kawamura Ganjavian really tops up its points for playfulness is in its whimsical stackable nature. Cylindrical shelves and clustered storage systems can result, and with every ascending level one can better appreciate the colorful surface undersides.