From Stone Wall Coverings to Winged Bathroom Sinks

 - Apr 17, 2014
Granite furniture is usually synonymous with a luxurious lifestyle, and this air of high-living is exactly what's exuded with these fittings. Whether you are someone looking to upgrade that metal sink to a new granite basin, or wanting to upgrade the kitchen countertops, these pieces cover a wide range of home products.

Prolific designer Zaha Hadid for example has recently come out with a new work that features various granite materials. Included in her collection is a large table, and a storage unit. Usually storage units aren't known to be anything extravagant, but rather just a place to put unused items. Hadid rethinks this concept and constructs a beautiful granite piece where users can either display products or hide them away.

Upgrade your home with an added sense of luxury with this granite furniture.