The Scrap Marble Tables by John Reeves are Quirky and Polished

 - Sep 18, 2012
References: reevesd & contemporist
Furniture created out of waste often revolves around typical discarded materials such as wood, but not the Scrap Marble Tables. As stated right in its name, these tables are made out of scrap marble. This marble has been carefully and colorfully layered to create stratified supports for the planks of wood used as their surface.

The Scrap Marble Tables were created by British designer John Reeves. He was inspired to make them when he passed a continually growing pile of rubble along a street in Ho Chi Minh lined with sheet marble and granite tradesmen. With only one stipulation in mind, that no two colors are laid together, he skewered and laminated them along a threaded rod to create his Scrap Marble Tables.